Clare Merendidis BSc (Hons ) DHP

Hypno - Psychotherapist

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Fed up of Feeling like an Outcast?

Do you want to have more control of your life?

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Smoking Cessation

When a person smokes, nicotine diffuses through the skin, lungs and mucous membranes travelling to blood vessels to be delivered to the rest of the body. It changes how the brain and body function giving the feeling of relaxation.

At the same time smoking realises adrenaline which increases the heart rate, increase blood pressure and shallow breathing.

Nicotine is highly addictive, the affects on the body last between 40 minutes to a couple of hours. This leads to a person smoking more and more to reach the same degree of relaxation.

The smoker is then trapped in this cycle.

Benefits of non smoker

The consultation

The smoking cessation program runs over two sessions,  at a cost £135

Hypnotherapy can help by:

Bicester Therapy will not provide a miracle cure this would be an unethical claim .

You must be motivated and truly want to give up smoking for you to have the greatest success

Smoking Cessation
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